Terms & Conditions

Our store offers you, differentiated products and high quality, always seeking to meet your expectations. To maintain this good relationship with all our customers, follow our online sales policy.

Shipping & Delivery

- Freight is calculated during the purchase process. When you inform the zip code of the place of delivery of the product the system will automatically calculate the value of the freight. The result of this calculation will be added to the value of the purchase, forming the total amount to be paid.

- The value of the freight, and the delivery time are related to the dimensions and weight of the product, the distance of the place of delivery and the form of delivery.

- The customer can choose between two delivery options, both via Mail: PAC, whose deadline is 5 business days after posting to São Paulo - SP, or Sedex, which deadline is 2 business days after posting to São Paulo - SP. For other locations, the time period varies according to the shipping address.

- Deliveries are made upon confirmation of payment.

- The delivery period will start from the confirmation of payment.