Chiropractic care or physiotherapeutic treatment may continue outside the office with Cervical Traction.

Soft tissues of the cervical region such as muscles, tendons and ligaments receive a deep elongation in a passive form, helping to return the physiological cervical curve and then improving mobility / movement, which relieves muscle tension and slows the process of bone and disc degeneration.

Each session lasts only 5 to 15 minutes, delivering impressive results, so fast on average 12 weeks!

Cervical traction, made of viscoelastic foam, with its distinct structure, anatomical height and curves, results in a comfortable, safe and, most importantly, efficient product!


  • Rectified cervical curve
  • Dysfunction of the TMJ (jaw)
  • Headache
  • Irradiation of pain or numbness of arms or fingers
  • Poor chronic posture
  • Stiff neck / stiffness

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Cervical Traction

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