The Chair Lumbar Support protects the spine from the effects of improper sitting posture. "Most of the time, we sit incorrectly, which added to the effects of gravity and poorly designed chairs, ends up causing serious problems in the spine. When we lose the natural curve of the lumbar spine, due to inadequate postures, the load of gravity becomes excessive, which can accelerate disc degeneration, generating arthrosis and blocking the joints of the region, "says chiropractor Jason Gilbert.


Designed with ergonomic design that accompanies the shapes of the column, and viscoelastic foam injected with DRY FIT-100% Polyester fabric coating, which returns to the original shape without deforming, when installed on the back of the chair or armchair, it gives adequate support to the lower back and keeps the posture erect, preventing excessive weight loads on the spine resulting in arthrosis, disc herniation, numbness of the legs, sciatica and headaches and the back of the neck.


It is also offered in the model for car.



For all people who work sitting


- Sciatica

- Poor sitting posture

Unsupported chair


SIZE: 33 x 37cm.

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Chair Lumbar Support

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